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    caste system
    By tia

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    i used to do a medieval unit...

    i used "king lexicon"...some unit by....can't remember the name...anyway, it focused on different language skills like alphabetizing and correct spelling and usage....i used that as a base for the idea OOH! i just remembered--it was an INTERACT unit.

    i had a bulletin board with several layers...
    knight was at top
    below it was squire
    below that was page
    below that was peasant

    and for some reason, i think i needed another level, so i called it "worthy" and it was above peasant...i think
    anyway, every time they passed one of their skill strands, they got to move their name up--the bulletin board was made from "bricks" (rectangles) of grey const. paper, with arrow holes and turrets and recesses...i'm not remembering all the correct castle terms because it's been a few years!

    anyway, when they got to each level, they received a clue--they were supposed to save/glue each clue in binder--they couldn't figure out the answer until they had the final clue because it told them to look up a word that was a synonym for bravery or something.... and the answer was chivalry. the first person who got the answer got a big prize.

    you could use the same idea by every time someone earns 5 caughtya's or has no checkmark for the day or turns in all homework for the week...or whatever you're working on...they move up a level.

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