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    Construction Theme Ideas
    By TeachTeach

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    I am interested in doing a construction theme, and I have found and came up with some ideas. I'm still brainstorming, but here is what I have come up with so far:

    -Today's Blueprint
    I'll use this to post the day's routine.

    -The Job Squad
    This is going to be my classroom jobs bulletin board title. I plan on using the Kids at Work border that I found in a magazine along with construction hat cut outs. I'm going to put the job on the construction hat, and on the first day of school, I am going to take individual pictures of the kids. I'll laminate thier headshot and put their faces under the hat to show that they have that job.

    -Area Under Kidstruction
    This is the title of the area I'm going to use to post students work. They will each have a spot that is all theirs. They can put up something that they want (picture, drawing, good test). Now, I may once and a while say that I want something certain posted. Of course, the things that they post must be appropriate and approved by me.

    -In the works....
    This is going to be the information, calendar etc.
    I couldn't come up with another title.

    -Lunch Break
    This will be the title of the lunch account board.

    -Reading Zone
    The Reading Area

    -Caution: Thinking Cap Required (instead of hard hat required)
    This will be the title of a brainteaser bullentin board I wanted to do. It was serve as a place where I can also do review problems. When the submit their answer to me, they can pin up a light bulb on the board with thier name.

    -Crooks' Crew
    This is what I was thinking of doing for the welcome board. My last name is Crooks, so that's what I am up with. I don't know what I would really do to display it though. I don't want to do the hard hats since that is what I am doing for my job board. Any ideas for my welcome board?

    Alright that's what I have so far. Anyone have any other ideas for me? Any other ideas for titles I should use instead? Help with my welcome board is needed. How could I decorate the reading area?

    I'm going to be teaching third grade... is this theme idea good or should I go with camping?

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