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    Love the Queen one!
    By J.Elaine

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    I absolutely love the Queen thing your friend uses. It just fits my personality. AND by the way, Tia, I am the queen!!!! :rolleyes:

    I don't go so much for that "If you hear my voice, clap . . ." even though I've seen it work very effectively for others.

    I once heard a teacher use a xylophone - just one stroke down the bars. It worked magically, just like the windchime thing. I loved the sound of it, but sometimes that wonderful, little tinkle sound would be lost on my students (ex. playing a math game, etc.)

    Sometimes, I use switching the lights on and off when students are working together because it is one thing that gets immediate attention. However, I once heard that it wasn't a very good strategy, but I can't remember who said it or why.

    I also like "A hush fell over the crowd . . ." I guess I just like the ones where the teacher speaks and the students respond. It's such a control freak thing!!!!

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