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    laminated colored feeback cards
    By Risa

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    I laminated sheets of red, yellow, and green construction paper. (I didn't use any wording of any sort so that I could use them for different situations.) I cut them up into small index card size and bound the three colors together using the book binding machine. This made them into a or of 'mini 3 page book' that I could use in a variety of ways as a 'signal card' to give me feedback at a glance.

    I found lots of uses for these 'feedback' cards:

    Hold up green if you AGREE, red if you DISAGREE, yellow ifyou're NOT DECIDED.

    Hold up green for YES, red for NO or yellow ifyou DON'T KNOW.

    Hold up green if you 'get it', yellow if you 'need more examples', red if you're 'lost'.

    Place the green side up on the corner of your table if you can work without help; place the red side up on the table if want help, place the yellow side up if you want me to look over the work you've done.

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