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    Sports Ideas
    By hhillhs

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    OK, this is long, but here are some ideas that I used this year. I got lots of ideas on the archive, and I made up some additional ideas. I may have a picture, too.

    Meet the Teacher Night Snacks – popcorn, bottled water, chocolate “sports ball” candies

    Meet the Teacher Night Wish List – “Pitch In”: title on glove and donation items on baseballs

    Welcome (DOOR) – “TEAM Hill’s Starting Line-Up”: a team roster and jerseys…I got “jersey” shaped plated at HEB (a grocery store) and wrote their names on them. I think the party store has them, too!

    Homework Board – “Batting Practice”

    Info Board – “TEAM News” (newsletter), “Concessions” (lunch menu),
    “Have a Ball on Your Birthday” (birthdays…names and bdays on different sport balls), “Team Schedule” (schedule)

    Work Board – “Together Everyone Achieves More”, “Three Cheers
    For ______”, “Give it Your Best Shot”

    Behavior Board – Create a home plate and three K’s (strikes). Write each scholar’s name on a clothespin. If a rule is broken, that scholar’s name is moved to the first K and he/she receives a conduct mark. After strike three, the parent is contacted. Make a list of “home run scholars” each week. Celebrate the “gold medal scholars” each nine weeks…those with home runs EVERY week.

    Rules Board – “Life Has Rules…Play Fair”: social contract

    Job Chart – “Special Teams”: coach’s assistant (runs errands, helps teacher), team manager (helps during stations), equipment manager (passes out/collects papers, checks stations, gets more supplies for stations), clubhouse attendant (organizes library), field crew-2 (picks up floor/room), referee (checks desks)
    Compliment Board – “Good Game”

    Word Wall Mini Book – “Can You ‘Tackle’ These Words?” (footballs)
    Reading Area – “Field of Dreams” (green turf, stadium cushions) or “Locker Room” with big lockers and the title (the O’s are basketballs)

    Scholar of the Week – “MVP of the Week”: Have MVP get special attention each day of the week…share photos and bio, read aloud favorite book and display favorite books on top shelf of the library (“___’s Picks of the Week”), share secret letter from parent, free ice cream at lunch, lunch buddy, line leader (every day)

    Reward Board – “Scoreboard”: keep score for home team…class receives reward when they reach a given number of points

    Decorations – pennants, trophies, medals, individual baseball cards, Sports Illustrated covers, basketball hoop, jerseys, teamwork books

    Sayings –

    •TEAM…Together Everyone Achieves More
    •There’s no I in team
    •Home Field Advantage
    •All on the same team
    •Bounce on in to ___ Grade
    •Kick Off the Year With a Good Book
    •Attitudes are contagious…Is yours worth catching?
    •You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
    •We make a great team
    •Get in the game…READ
    •All Stars
    •Keep a winning attitude

    Sports Words – Tackle, Catch, Throw, Hurdle, Touchdown, Goal, Spirit, Cheer, Basket, Strong, Strike, Hit, Homerun, Walk, Base, Stretch, Punt, Ball, Kick, Shot, Hoop, Set, Spike, Net, Serve, Pass

    Activities –
    •Discuss cooperation, teamwork, responsibility, flexibility, listening, fairness, patience, organization, perseverance, integrity, common sense, effort, courage, determination
    •Have scholars write goals on soccer ball paper. Then put them on a bulletin board with a big soccer goal. Title it “Aiming For Our 3rd Grade Goals”
    •Call warm-ups “kick offs”
    •Name tables after professional sports teams
    •Break scholars into groups. Give each group a box, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, and a card. Put a paper bag over everyone’s dominant hand and have them work together to wrap the box. Have another teacher vote on which gift is wrapped best. That team wins a prize. Discuss the importance of working together.
    •Play “Football Frenzy” to review all subjects. Scholars draw a card that says 5 yards, 15 yards, fumble, interception, etc. Ask questions pertaining to review material. If correct, their team moves that many yards. If incorrect, their team gets a down. They get two downs before they punt.
    •“Pigskin Geography”: Have scholars choose an NFL football team and post helmets on a map to represent them. Each week, they have to find out how many points their team won or lost by and which direction and distance they had to travel for the game.
    •Team Building Activities – HULA HOOP: Stand in a circle and hold hands. Move the hula hoop around the circle without breaking hands. Time it and work together to get faster. TEAM WEB: Stand in circle and hold onto the yarn. Scholar throws it to someone. They say the name of the person that threw it and hold onto the yarn and throw it again. Keep it going until everyone has thrown and caught the yarn. It will end up a big spider web if everyone holds onto their piece of yarn (teamwork). Then have scholars let go one at a time to see the web fall apart when we don’t work as a team. Everyone is important.
    •Everyone earns their Varsity Letter at the end of the year

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