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    More Possible Interview Questions
    By mshunny

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    I have included another batch of possible interview questions.

    1. What questions have I not asked that you wish I would have raised?
    2. If you were selected for this position, whatcand we do to help you become successful?
    3. In what kind of environment are you most comfortable?
    4. How do you individulize learning in your classroom?
    5.How would you motivate the hard to reach children?
    6. do you consider your education as a valuable experience?Why?
    7. Are your grades indicative of your ability?
    8. What changes, if any, would you make to your education?
    9. what type of person do you not get along with?
    10. In less than two minutes, describe yourself.
    11. What values are the most important to you?
    12. How would you define teaching as a job? As a profession?
    13. How do you receive feedback? Criticism?
    14. What do you base student evaluation on?
    15. What limitationsdo youhave the would impact your performance in this position?
    16. Why should I hire you?
    17. What failures have you experienced and what did you learn from them?
    18. What extracurricular activities have you participated in andwhat did you gain from them?
    19.Tell me about a recent problem you have experienced and how you went about solving it.

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