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    Student Teachers
    By Tex

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    Some thoughts:

    1. So much is conveyed to students by means other than verbal. When you teacher is teaching look carefully and listen. Teaching is really an art.
    2. Ask questions...what, why, how. Learn not only what your teacher does in a particular situation but why. Don't be afraid to challenge...pick their brain.
    3. Be on time and be prepared. If you know you will be presenting an assignment tomorrow read the assignment - look for possible lulls...problem areas....compnesate.
    4. Use everything you've learned and modeled from your teacher.
    5. I'm sure your teacher won't expect you to copy them as you'll need to find your style. However, until you do emulate your teacher until you feel comfortable enough to successfully deviate. I didn't mind my student teachers trying to find their style...the caveat is it can't be at the expense of student learning.
    6. Ask your teacher to critique you often. After each session that my student teacher taught we would sit down and talk about it - what could have been done more effectively, what worked...why.
    7. Here are some traits of students who " stood out":
    *They gave 110%
    *They took ownership and responsibility
    *They asked for additional experiences - grading papers, meetings, assignments
    *They analyze everything...what, why...are there options. They questioned and challenged me...they learned through the process.
    *They started early and stayed late

    Some observations on challengs some student teachers created:
    *5th grade boys are very, very much aware of body changes and are interested in sex. Short skirts, tight tops, see through blouses are a no no.
    *When you enter the classroom your cell phone should go off and stay off until lunch or after school.
    *When you enter the classroom try and put everything else aside...boyfriend/girlfriend issues, dates, parties, job considerations and so on. Although we try to be empathetic our concern is student learning.
    *Don't try to adlib...if you're not prepared it will show in a heartbeat. Know the material you are teaching, practice delivery.

    Anyone can is hard and challenging to be a good is so much work and preparation. Oftentimes student teachers think it is an 8 hour a day's not. If you're new and you come to work unprepared it will be a'll know it, the kids will know and and your teacher will know it.

    I hope this helps. I think student teaching is a fantastic opportunity if you take advantage of'll never regret it.

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