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    Student teaching
    By txteach07

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    I student taught last semester and had a wonderful experience.

    * Go in early if possible or stay late. (Sometimes I did both!)
    * Make yourself available~if you see something that can be done-do it. Bulletin boards, stamping calendars, checking homework, etc.
    * Be flexible, sometimes the best laid plans don't work out.
    * Find a time to meet with your mentor to discuss lesson plans or reflect on lessons, but respect that she will want her own time and space too.

    * To stand out, I would plan inventive lessons that align with standards. Also, be on top of classroom management. THis is a biggie-administrators want to see that you can handle the class. They are looking for future teachers.

    * If you are able to, take on extra activities-recess duty, after school tutoring with mentor, etc.

    * Also, find out what your mentor prefers. My mentor had several student teachers before me, so she knew what to expect and was willing to let me take control of the class. I volunteered to pick the class up from lunch and specials so that she could have extra time. She loved it. However, my friend was student teaching down the hall and her mentor wanted to be with the students at all times. She was very upset if my friend tried to pick the students up alone. So it is very important not to overstep your boundaries.
    Sorry this was so long. I hope you have a wonderful experience. You will do a great job-you can tell that you are excited and want to do your best!

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