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    By NewTeach2007

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    I just completed my student teaching experience two weeks ago. Helpful hints that I could offer to you:

    1. I agree - please try to give your ST their "own" space. My CT had a small desk in the back of the classroom for me and I was so happy. My college required me to full-time teach for four weeks and I needed the space.

    2. Allow your ST to ask any questions. My CT was available 24 hours a day if I needed her. Student teaching is daunting because you are there as a visitor and feel as though you are invading. A friend of mine had to transfer schools mid-semester because her CT was not helpful and did not answer any questions for her. Honestly - she was downright rude!

    3. Try to explain to your students what the ST is doing. The CT and I explained to the students that I was still learning - as they were - but I was also an equal - especially when I was teaching. I think the students get confused when the teacher tries to teach as the ST is teaching.

    4. Give her/him time alone in the classroom. I know it is hard for CT's to release their room to a student but the best experience we have is when we are alone with the kids. My CT was great - after the first couple weeks she was allowing me to be in the room by myself and I believe that I learned more during the time I was alone with my students. Especially with the classroom management.

    5. The best advice I can offer - be supportive! Remember that we are still students and we are going to make mistakes. Let us have our bad days - and trust me there are many. We still have requirements outside of the teaching.

    Good luck and you will be fine!

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