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    By jzsquared

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    I'm still currently student teaching, so I think this question is right up my alley. :)
    As far as the gradebook is concerned, it must be dependant on the state you live in because my CT's allowed me to do all the grading for my classes, which I think is also important. ST's need to know what it is like to grade things and/or enter grades into the school's computer system.

    First and foremost, make sure you introduce your ST as a fellow teacher, not a student teacher. Students, no matter what age, will only hear that he/she is a student and may not give her the respect she deserves as a teacher if they know he/she is not technically a teacher. I had 2 CT's - one who introduced me as a student teacher, the other who just introduced me as a visiting teacher who would be here for 2 months. I'm sure you can guess which class gave me the proper respect.

    Second, the desk space is definitely important. He/she should feel welcome there, even though it is still technically your classroom, they will be there for a while so it is important. One of my CT's does not allow me any space for her at her desk so I have to sit among the students. It is incredibly hard to feel like "one of the teachers" if I have to sit with the students.

    Third, one of my CT's allowed me to make copies of everything she had - lesson plans, ideas, worksheets, activity sheets - everything. Even though I don't plan to teach that particular grade level, I know I'll be ready just in case I do end up teaching it. Be generous and share everything you have.
    Hope this helps and good luck to both of you!

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