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    possibility of failing
    By HappyHiker

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    Hmmm..... I don't know what to think on the topic of her failing or not. She announced to the kids today that she would be graduating on May 10. She had them complete a survey on what kind of job she is doing as a student teacher then told them that if they did give her bad marks that it wouldn't matter because she would graduate on May 10th anyway. Her advisor told me in an e-mail to be sincere and honest and made it sound like my thoughts mattered at least a little bit. She said criticism is a part of teaching. I don't know what to think. Most of the people I've worked with whom I have spoken to about this have said that if she fails it will be the first student teacher they have ever heard of failing. At the same time, my principal and vice principal have both said they have never seen one this bad. I did sneak a peak at the surveys the kids did just after lunch today. They apparently think she is the next best thing to Santa Claus.

    Her plans are the "square" type. She doesn't write out the long kind anymore. Her advisor only wanted five. I do have a copy of her current plans. It's hard to tell "how" she plans on teaching from looking at them. She mostly lists the standard, page numbers from books, and what the assignment will be if any. We'll have a more frank discussion tomorrow.

    If she fails, I'm sure it will somehow be my fault. That's why I'm busting my butt to document all of my conversations with her. I'm writing down everything I say to her along with the dates and times.

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