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    Had to reply.
    By RebeccaH

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    i have loved reading your comments. I have had many student teachers over my long years of teaching. Some have been fantastic and some I have counted the days. I love your answer to being able to go to the bathroom. Hadn't thought about it but I agree. I am thinking of you with some a "fantastic know it all". I have a student at the moment who is lovely but she told me that one of the student teachers in her group asked "what do you do if you get a dinosaur of a teacher?" I suppose I am older but do many great things. I pity the poor teacher who has got that student. My son is also out as a student teacher and as a teacher/mu you worry who he will be placed with and he has struck it rich. Has two older teachers who are fantastic. One who is the 4 day a week teacher spent a day with him last week (we are on 2 week holidays) sorting out their lessons for the coming 8 weeks so they both know what they are doing and what they need to plan/organize.
    My only advice is write everything down, keep a copy of anything you give her. If possible give it to her the day of the lessons she has done so she has the night to change, reorganize etc. If you only give it to her in the morning she may say it is too late to change. (Although it sounds like she wouldn't change anyway) I have pulled a student out of my students teachers classes before because they picked on them. Thought it was better for my pupil. Keep us posted and good luck. Do you see her lesson plans in the morning? It sounds like she is totally unorganized.:)

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