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    Big issue with me!
    By Illini Teacher

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    I totally agree that this can be a socioeconomic thing. One of my biggest complaints is seeing what the kids who are on free and reduced lunch do. They literally throw away almost their entire FREE lunch! Come on, it is free, I paid for it, you'd better eat it! :mad:
    I mean I paid for it with my tax dollars, I didn't literally pay for it.

    What also gets my goat is that these same students are the first ones to have all the newest "techie" stuff, have all the pay cable channels and their parents drive nicer cars than me. How does that all work out??

    Having witnessed the choices of middle schoolers at lunch for a few years is just disgusting. Luckily most kids who bring their lunch eat it and there are bins for uneaten food (such as your fruit cup, pudding, ets.) that kids who are extra hungry or forget their lunch can go grab. The waste that is in there! I feel like there should be a sign in sheet and the kids fess up to their parents as to what they throw away uneaten!!

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