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    School lunch
    By lenarmc

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    Our only policy is that the students can't have soda. So, if I see a soda, I will take it. I always give it back at the end of the day.
    I totally understand about the lunches. I have an 8 y/o student in my class who weighs 176 lbs. Our school is apart of a weight study on childhood obesity so the PE teacher weighed all of the second graders. His mother was upset that he was eating the school lunch instead of his packed lunch. Well, his lunch was no better than the school lunch. His mother was putting 2 brownies in his lunch everyday:confused:! He would come in with chocolate all over his face. His mother swears that she doesn't know why he is so big because he hardly eats at home. How about the video games (new one every two weeks) and no outside play. If what she says is true (which I doubt since he CLEANS his tray everyday), then he should be seen by a doctor. On top of that, I have another student that's hovering around 140 lbs., and he eats Lunchables everyday.

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