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    secret person
    By BookMuncher

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    I usually wait until the kids are struggling (for you it would be now! ;) ) and after I've taught them what I expect. Then we start to play the secret person game where before we leave the room I silently choose one secret person. If that person walks the whole way and follows the rules of the hall, they "win" and get a fish ticket (my classroom prize). If that person does not, then I don't tell who it was but it drives them crazy b/c they want to be picked so badly. I love it b/c you can cheat-- if a child who usually cannot walk in the hall is having an espeically good day, I can switch my secret person in my head so that they get reinforced. I also do it on the way back from where we're walking. Soon, I phase to: the person has to complete both the way there and back to win. And pretty soon I phase to choosing a secret person only every once in a while. Sometimes they'll ask if I can pick one, and by the second half of the year, I answer with "it's a privledge... I don't have to reward you for walking in the hall. I'll choose a secret person if I see that you are working hard to do your best in the hallway"

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