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    what to say before leaving classroom preK-2
    By Mrs. Monica

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    My hands are hanging by my side.
    I'm standing staight and tall.
    My eyes are looking straight ahead.
    I'm ready for the hall!

    I say this after the students have formed their initial line inside the classroom and are waiting for me to move into the hallway. I also demonstrate as I say each part. It's amazing how the students will follow along with the actions and fall right in line. It's been the miracle cure for me.

    All they ever need for a reminder in the hallway is me mouthing the word "hands" or "eyes" and they quietly walk down the hall. Occasionally when the lines become messy, I stop the class and ask them to do a hair stare. They quickly figure out that this means they are to make sure they can stare at the hair in front of them and it straightens the line right out!

    With preschool and kindergarteners I also have a game while we are waiting in line in the hallway (for our turn to go into a special or lunch). In a whisper, I sing: "Do what I do, can you do what I do. Do what I do, do it right now." I don't know how to explain the rhythm of the song, but while I'm singing that over and over I do different motions with my hands that they have to copy. :D

    The hallway poem I use with preK thru 2nd grade is not appreciated by 3rd grade and up. With older students I just tell them what kind of behavior I expect in the hallway. I keep track of the time that I have to stop to remind them to shape up. That time is then taken off of fun time at the end of the day.

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