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    fillers for subs
    By Sharon

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    I agree with you whole heartedly. I taught school many years ago, and then quit when our children were born. I then did daycare for some 20 odd years. I just went back to teaching, but as a sub. My husband is semi-retired, and I love the flexibility that I can have by doing this. I try to sub at the grade levels that I am comfortable with and try to follow the teacher's lesson plans as much as possible. I AM not a babysitter. It is hard to walk into a class each day, and not know the children, but you do the best you can, and not let them do what is easier for you. Most of them want to learn and have their days be the same as when their teacher is there. Of course they will try to take advantage of the sub(even the little kindergarten kids), but when they make you pictures or come up and tell you that they had a good day, it is worth it. The kids in the class deserve to have their sub treat them and do for them just what their regular teacher wants, computers all day and watching a video unrelated to the subjects is ridiculous. You had a right to vent.

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