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    word walls
    By dolmansaxlil

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    I put up a word wall in my grade 7/8 classroom! There are many uses for them. First of all, I use them for the "no excuse" words - that is, the words that are difficult to spell but that they use a lot (homonyms are particularly high on that list). They are on the wall, with "hints" as to which word to use where. My theory on it is that they'll only learn to use the correct term if they practice it correctly - and many of them need that extra reminder. I also use it for my "Nifty Thrifty Fifty" from Month by Month Phonics for the Upper Grades.

    I also use it for words in the content areas. So I'll have math, geography and history terms up on my wall as well. I colour code the words by subject - so the frequently misspelled words are on one colour, nifty thrifty 50 on one, geo terms on one, history terms on one, etc.

    For the content areas, I put short definitions beside the word on the card, so if a kid can't remember what the term means, or which term to use, they go up to the wall and use the definition.

    For next year, I'm considering making my Word Wall a little more interactive, in that it'll be stuck up with velcro so the kids can take down the words to check stuff on the back or, for some of my special ed kids who have difficulty transferring words to paper, taking them to their seat. If I do that, then I'll put the definitions on the backs of the cards.

    I play a lot of word wall games with my kids too. Their favourite is Be a Mind Reader. Basically, they're given clues and with each new clue they write down a new word (if anyone wants the full instructions, I'll post them). They LOVE this game, and it's a great way to fill those 5 minute dead spots.

    Our Ministry set up shop in a school in our board for the past three years - and one of the things that they require in all rooms - K-12 - is a word wall.

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