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    Word wall
    By Bear

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    I am required to have a word wall and I teach 5th grade. Last year was the first year it was required and I made it my student's board. When students heard or saw a word that they did not recognize they would put it on our board, in their own handwriting (I covered a bulletin board with butcher paper, it was not the neatest board, but it belonged to the students--they would actually remind me that it was their job to put up the words if I started to do it). This worked very well. Because I teach all subject matter the board was not subject specific; however, as the year progressed and more words were added my students would point them out when we encountered them again, in any subject area. They also seemed to remember what the words meant. As far as assigned voc. or spelling words go, the students choose certain words for us to include. I dreaded doing this at first, but it turned out to be beneficial.

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