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    By dolmansaxlil

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    I replied on the Busy Board as well, but I just thought of another game.

    Students stand in a circle. You give them a word wall word to spell. The students each say one letter, moving around the circle. If they hesitate for too long, or make a mistake, they're "out" and sit down. At the end of the word, the next person says "Kaboom!" and they're out and sit down.
    Student 1: B
    Student 2: O
    Student 3: U
    Student 4: T (they're out)
    Student 5: G
    Student 6: H
    Student 7: T
    Student 8: Kaboom! (They're out).

    If you don't like making them "out", you could have them do something (jumping jacks or whatever) and then rejoin the circle. But I find that it moves really quickly.

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