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    Science Units
    By apple annie

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    Plants activities:
    *Germinate a lima bean seed, then plant it, noting stages of plany cycle
    *Dissect a plant to identify roots, stem, leaf, flower, or dissect a flower to identify flower parts - stamen, pistil, pollen, petal, seeds, etc. Then have students draw a diagram.
    *Do an experiment to find out what plants need. Get four identical plants, and label them. Give one everything it needs - air, sunlight, water. Deprive each of the other ones of ONE thing. Watch for a week or two and record your observations. Discuss how each of the parts cannot do their jobs without everything that they need.
    *Do leaf rubbings, compare different types of leaves.
    *Plant some grass seed in a styrofoam cup. Draw a face on the cup. The grass will grow and look like hair.
    *Identify plant parts that we eat. roots = carrots, radishes, stems = celery, leaves = spinach, lettuce, etc. Then make a salad.
    *Plant a butterfly garden, an herb garden, or a vegetable garden.

    Solar System Activites
    *Have students role play sun, earth and moon as they rotate and revolve. Use a flashlight for the sun to show why the earth has night and day as it spins.
    *Memorize the order of the planets from the sun. (My very eager mother just served us noodles.) Remember Pluto is no longer considered a planet.
    *Compare weights of objects on moon and earth.
    *Do Venn diagrams to compare two or three planets.
    *Write about a vacation to another planet. What would you need to take with you? What could you see and do there?
    *Make a diagram of the planets on a sentence strip. Color, cut out and label planets and put in correct order from the sun.
    *Connect the dot constellations.

    Other fun and interesting units:
    Simple Machines. (My kids always LOVE this one!)
    Solids, Liquids, Gases
    Food and Nutrition
    Human Body Systems
    Dental Health
    Natural Resources and Conservation
    Rain Forest
    Dinosaurs and Fossils

    Don't forget to check out United Streaming for good videos, Magic School Bus books and DVD's, and always incorporate a field trip!

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