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    More on Notebooks
    By Angel Star

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    Although I probably won't post every day that we add a convention to our notebooks, I would like to make note of some things that came up today.

    First, I had the kids sit in a circle with their 5 non-fiction books and asked them to find examples of labels, keep the book open to that page, and make a pile in front of them. I gave them a set amount of time, telling them not to worry if they couldn't find a label in every
    book, as long as they had 2 examples.

    Then, we went around the circle (I went first, like a good modeler!) and showed the examples of our labels. We discovered together some interesting things:

    -labels are different than captions (labels tell you what something is and a caption gives you more information)
    -labels can be found on cutaways and maps too!
    -some labels are main labels and others are minor labels. For example: you have a picture of a pig and the main label says, "pig" and the minor labels show the parts of the pig. There are different types of print to show the difference.

    I then showed the kids what to do:
    -Add Labels p. 3 to the Contents page
    -Write "Labels" (use good text features) at the top and write how labels help you.
    -Sketch and color
    -Write the labels (neatly and correctly) with lines pointing
    -Add a source (title, author, page number) to the bottom of page

    The books look excellent so far. Please take a look at the comments page as I will be adding some photos.

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