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    By JulieG04

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    I will have to say that you are correct about some of the attitudes in some colleges of education these days. My own university wasn't *explicit* with that message, but there was definitely a message that we were to take all our modern teaching methodologies out into the "real world." By the same token, we were also advised that there was much to be learned from veteran teachers--your ST doesn't seem to get that part!

    As for the advisor, well, I think they're under a lot of pressure to graduate teachers (graduate students, period). I think my own university let several folks through while I was there who probably shouldn't be in a classroom without a lot of mentoring/support. I know that I agonized over observations (still do) and usually received ridiculously high scores.:confused:

    The funny part about real world vs. methodology is that when we were prepping for Praxis II, the workshop coach made sure that we knew to answer the questions based on what the book says to do (methodology) and not what we would really do in the situation. I guess teaching to the test has some value after all!

    Sadly, this ST is going to breeze through the end of her program and get her degree. I'm curious about her ability to pass Praxis II (or whatever her test is for certification). I hope she invites you to her classroom when she gets one--on second thought, maybe not!LOL

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