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    Explore the full truths, not the sales pitch!
    By IWB Fan

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    I love how everyone makes blatantly false statements. There are thousands upon thousands of state-aligned FREE lesson plans for SMART Boards too. But, who really wants all of the MANUFACTURER'S suggested lesson plans - the real proof is in the resources created by other teachers. There are plenty for promethean and there are plenty for SMART Boards - and actually each brand allows you to convert each other's files into their own... everything everyone seems to post here sounds like it is coming from the sales person who gave them 'half-truths' to make one sound better than the other.

    All of these boards, whether SMART Boards, Promethean ActivBoards, Numonics Intelliboards, or whatever else are all durable, they all have warranties to cover damage, etc. The all have or work with 'clickers', they all have bluetooth pads/slates, they all have tons of available resources, and more...

    The real deciding factor is the support you get from whomever you choose to purchase from - what is the quality of their installation? what is the quality of the PD they offer? What is their post-sales support like?

    As for the technology itself - I personally find the SMART Board more intuitive - pick up a pen and write when you want, use your finger when you want to move an object, etc... using a pen to do everything is not as intuitive - TOUCH is important, as you can see by items like the iPhone and the move by most tablet pc makers to now add TOUCH to their systems as well - they found that just a pen is not intuitive for the end user...

    Think about a student in a math class - if you didnt have a interactive whiteboard and you wanted students to grasp a concept, you would utilize hands-on manipulatives for them to interact with - well, with a SMART Board, the activity is still tactile (albeit a little different) - still get a hands-on experience in moving objects.

    All of these products are improving/revolutionizing the creation of content and the delivery of it in a classroom - you really cant go wrong with any of the products... but if i had to rate them:

    1. SMART Boards
    2. Promethean ActivBoards
    3. eBeam
    4. Interwrite
    5. Numonics
    6. 3M
    7. Mimio
    8. Hitachi
    9. NEC
    10. Polyvision

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