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    subbing in middle school - you probably do have a choice
    By Carolyn

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    I worked as a sub with the automated system before I became full-time teacher. One thing I knew is that when I signed up to substitute teach, I gave a preference of grade levels. I did not include middle school, but I did include high school and elementary school. The automated system called me frequently for high school, in particular one high school. I was never called for elementary school. I was also never called for middle school. This was my last year of subbing when they got the automated system.

    For some reason, they have you as a middle school sub. Contact your district office and tell them, even if you have to go in in person, that you will substitute only in the elementary schools or high schools. You would prefer to do elementary school. Tell them that you will refuse to do any middle school teaching assignment. They should remove you from any and all calls for middle school. The automated system is set up by humans, of course. It should call you by your preference. Somebody has put you in middle school, and you need to let that person know that you don't want it.

    If all else fails, isn't there another district you can apply for? I know that I was called for middle school in one district I worked for years ago, even though I have elementary certification. I hated it, so I refused to work for that district anymore, and I told them the reason why. I went to another district where I was called for elementary school classes.

    Don't live with this misery if there's a way out and you have tried EVERYTHING to get out.

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