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    By JRichard

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    If you go to the Love & Logic site, you can find a picture of the poster in their kit for teachers. I will try to remember what it says as closely as I can:

    How I Run My Love & Logic Classroom

    I will treat you with respect, so you know how to treat me.

    Feel free to do anything that doesn't cause a problem for anyone else.

    If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it.

    If you can't solve the problem, or choose not to, I will do something.

    What I will do will depend on the special person and the special situation.

    I actually, have already been able to use L&L a couple of times this week (first week of school). Here are my descriptions of what I did:

    1. First period, I had a student who was humming and making weird noises when I was talking. I had already moved this boy's seat from last class because he was talking with the boy next to him while I was talking. I walked over and stood next to him and talked. He still hummed. I walked away and continued talking, then looped back to him and gave a slight head shake. He STILL continued humming. I finally had the kids working on their own on something, so I walked over and said to him, "I just wanted you to know that when you make noise while I talk, it distracts me." He was really taken aback and apologized. I said, "Just wanted you to know." and walked away. :p

    2. Lunch period--two boys messed up during lunch. One boy was goffing off in line. He was sent to eat at our punishment table by the AP. Another boy was talking when then AP asked for silence. Both were very remorseful, but I did not want them to leave without hitting the point home. The one goofing off in line, I told would be last in line out of our whole team during lunch today (that means 110 people eat before him). The boy who talked will spend the entire lunch today at the punishment table, not able to talk during lunch.



    Also, for how I started the year, I go over my procedures with my 7th graders for the first week of school. I teach a few procedures a day, along with some opening activities (a tour of the school, multiple intelligence test, icebreakers, etc.). I go over the opening and closing procedures on the first day as well as our team rules and how I run my classroom. I go over those every day the first week as well. I ask them when I talk about how I run my classroom, "Who is an anyone else?" I get them to say students around them, in the class, me, and the teachers on either side of me. I then talk about the kinds of things that could cause problems (talking, touching, breaking a team rule, breaking a school rule, etc.)

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