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    By JRichard

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    If you call the L&L Institute phone number and ask for "Pam's List" they will email you a whole list of energy replacers.

    I love L&L and have been using it for 3 years with my children, 1 year part-way in school, and this year all-out. It works great. I am less stressed, and the kids are more responsible.

    I love to have students pick up around the classroom for little annoying things like talking. I also have them create my seating chart with all of my clauses (X can't sit here, Y MUST sit there, etc.) They really struggle and have a greater appreciation for how hard it can be. I also come up with punishment-fits-the-crime ones for those less-often, but more severe offenses.

    mnolan: I find that happens to me sometimes too. I am a middle school teacher, so I see different kids all day. That helps some, but sometimes I still get stuck in drill sargeant mode. I do a couple of things to try to combat that. First, I drink lots of water and make sure I eat a filling meal for breakfast and lunch (hunger and thirst always make me cranky). Next, at the beginning of every class (maybe for elem, when you have a transition?), I take a moment to calm myself, pray for myself and my students, and think about what I want to accomplish that day. If I feel I am getting out of control during a class period, I try to take a step back and calm down before the drill sargeant jumps out. Sometimes I'm unsuccessful, and I am always quick to apologize to the students, "Boy, I messed up there. Didn't give you a choice did I? or I didn't let you solve your own problem did I? Sorry about that!"

    I would also recommend you visit the Love & Logic unofficial forum (they don't have an official one). It doesn't get a WHOLE lot of traffic, but there are some great people on there who know their L&L stuff and can answer any questions you have.


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