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    Love and Logic Questions
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    I read some of the Love and Logic books and am trying many of the strategies like giving choices and allowing natural consequences in my classroom. Last year I had a class of 16 students and found L & L quite useful. This year I have 30 students and am finding it much more difficult. For example, in the past if someone needed space or quiet time, I would ask whether she wanted to work in our cool down area or at her own seat. There was plenty of room for everyone. Now I feel like space is limited and I really don't want more than one student asking to move. Another problem I am having is when more than one student is needing attention/a choice. I am trying my best to give them and myself think time and come back to them in a few minutes, but while teaching I sometimes forget to even come back at all. When more than one student is interrupting class or breaking a rule, I find it very difficult to implement L & L and resort back to punishments/rewards and my behavior chart (which is not really all that effective for repeat offenders). Does anyone else have any of these struggles or any suggestions?? Thank you!

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