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    2nd grade team leader/MRT
    By Diane Hill

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    I don't know what i would do w/o love & logic....i feel that if you use it the way it is intended (no sarcasm, but empathy) it will make a HUGE difference in your life--You can remain calm, which enables you to keep the upperhand. My second graders respond positively in EVERY situation (though the difficult ones just require more time). You must be consistent!

    * A student tied his shoelaces together during sharing time by my rocking chair. My response was, "I understand that you thought it was a funny thing to do. Let's keep them that way all day!" Later, when it was time to go to lunch/recess, he wanted to untie them, to which my reply was, "But won't it be funny all day?" and he said, "But I can't walk fast enough", and I said, "Wow...that's a bummer that we'll all get to the cafeteria faster. I hope that we see you soon." (Again, w/o sarcasm, but empathy!) The icing on the cake was when we went to recess directly after lunch--"Oh, _____, I can't let you play today b/c that wouldn't be safe, and your safety is my #1 priority." The look on his face was priceless! And luckily, this happened the first week of school, so did anyone else do this all year long? Absolutely not! Jim Faye is totally right when he says to pray for these learning opportunities! :o)

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