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    By Sharon D. W-L

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    Yes I do! Otherwise I'd go mad... :) I also change the time of day as we don't always do it in the morning. What kinds of things do you cover as part of your calendar? So far this is what we do:

    Today is day _____ of the 100 days of school (We will have a party in February with various centres. Our day usually falls the same week as Valentine's Day.)
    Number w/ Straws and digits in the pocket chart
    Base Ten Magents
    Read Poem(s)
    Calendar: What is the calendar number?
    Calendar Pattern (All my calendar cover ups now have patterns. I bought them for the whole year last year it just made sense for me considering the time and cost it would be for me to make them myself.)
    Day of the week bears. (We have hats that say Yesterday was..., Today is..., Tomorrow will be... which go on bears with the days of the week.
    Jolly Phonics letter (s) (I cover 3 in a 6 day cycle until we cover all 42 English letters and letter sound combinations.) We will complete this by the end of January and that will make room for me to change it out with something else.
    Count by 2, 5 or 10 all the way to _________. (We don't usually count all 3 ways each day. We change it up.)
    Curves sticker? If I work out at Curves the students give me a sticker on my teacher calendar. :)
    Word Wall Words: I introduce 3-5 words that are on our word wall. I do various things with these as time permits.
    Hug, Handshake, High-Five I usually have 4 daily helpers chosen by table. Those that are there that day get to give me a hug, handshake or a high-five. I ihank them for being a helepr and we tally their choices on a small chart.
    Other ___________________________________
    I have the other blank just in case I have an idea I want to try or a reminder for the kiddos.

    After the holidays in Jan/Feb. I plan to introduce a number of the day/week where we will make it in base ten and use digi block etc. I also will do the date in money - Jan. 8 would be one nickel and 3 pennies. We always try and use the fewest coins and then once ina while when I have time we will make the amount a "different" way.

    I also have a can of math facts flashcards that we pull from and solve as time permits. I introduce telling time to the hour and measure ment through my calendar time.

    I teach on a 6 day cycle. The first 3 days is "new" information but on Days 4, 5 and 6 it is all review so I often can have students at their tables completing work or making corrections before they join us for calendar.

    Also I was very bored having it first thing every morning so I just don't. ;)

    Day 1: 11:20-11:55
    Day 2: 1:00-1:45
    Day 3: 11:20-11:55
    Day 4: 1:00-11:55
    Day 5: 2:45-3:25
    Day 6: 1:00-1:45

    We need about 30-40 minutes so sometimes we have 5-10 minutes of quiet work time or when I have door duty until 1:00 it takes a few minutes to really get in, take attendance and get settled.

    I'd love to know what others are doing. I always like to have a few new ideas to play with.


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