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    I don't do everything everyday
    By dlynneteacher

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    but I do have a few things I do daily (I only spend about 15 minutes doing calendar, I did 30 minutes before December and was able to get all done):
    day of the week, spell it, yesterday, tomorrow
    date with tens & ones
    one tally mark for each day (I color code this into 10's)
    one straw for each day (on a hundreds, tens, ones chart)
    add a penny for each day exchange it for a nickel, dime, quarter as needed)
    representation for the date (today is 3st, so representations for 31, today I got 31 smiley faces, 31+0, 31-0, 3 tens 1 one, 100-69, 30+1, 31 tallies) I allow days of the week for numbers under 7 and months of the year for numbers under 12, and a letter of the alphabet for numbers under 26, we rotate this each month
    If TIME allows (I can usually get 1-2 a day)
    geometric shapes, identify, number of vertices, sides
    algabraic equation for attendance (today we had one student absent, so 20=19 + A)
    time (hour & half hour)
    secret number on the number line (use math vocab)
    weather calendar
    count by 5s, 10s, 2s
    use hundred's board to add & subtract 2 digit numbers
    multiplication (I call it groups-there are 5 students wearing white uniform shirts and 5 students wearing blue uniform shirts how many are wearing these 2 color shirts, we write out the equation 2X5=10 2 groups of 5 is the same as 10)
    calendar pattern (this is definitely done at the beginning of each month, we began in August with AB April will be AABBC)
    I use calendar to begin teaching concepts needed about week or two early and a LOT of review.
    Hope this helps!!!!

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