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    Quilts and Tessellations
    By yesteach

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    Are what I use to teach this... however, please be sure you also tell them the correct mathematical terms (translations, reflections, rotations). Even with my second and third graders we use these terms, not "slides, flips, turns" (but that's just me, I have this thing about using correct terminology). Anyway... off that soap box...

    I use quilts and/or tessellations. Quilting is especially good, as you can also include 2-D figures, symmetry, we discuss whether the pattern is a translations, reflection or rotation. We also discuss reflectional symmetry and rotational symmetry. Students then create their own quilt squares (we use .5cm graph paper to be sure the designs are exactly the same size and shape).

    I found pictures of actual quilt squares and made a PowerPoint of JUST the pictures and as we go through the slides, they tell me figures, symmetry, reflection, rotation, translation, etc. to describe the pattern they see.

    I love Escher, so we also bring in tessellations. I have them create their own tessellated pattern.

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