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    be tough
    By Jenny

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    I would be tough with this child. Give him one week to get himself together. Set a target for him to achieve within this week and let him know that you will remove him from the part if he does not meet that target. Perhaps you could even have a meeting with him and mom at the same time. That way everyone knows what is going on. It sounds like you have already taken the kind caring approach, but he needs to know that it is a huge responsibility and he is letting down his classmates. The end of may sounds like it is a long time away, but it is not really, not for putting on a major event and still doing class work. Do you have an understudy? (it sounds like you may need one either way)

    If he manages to get himself together do not let up on him. This is your lead part. Break his part down into manageable chunks and set time limits for his learning these chunks. Make it clear that you are not flexible here, as his part is too important to waste time with. (sorry if I sound harsh, but I have taken the kind approach before and had it backfire majorly, now I am nasty teacher during rehearsal times)

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