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    I hear ya.
    By HappyHiker

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    Heart4kids, I know what you mean. At this point, I don't even really want her to teach at all. Of course, she will have to. She had better not mistreat my students though. She has spoken to my students twice concerning a form she has to have their parents sign. She has been overly harsh both times. They trust me to take care of them, and I will. We'll see how she does when she is actually teaching.

    Mrs. G., I feel much better after speaking to the adviser today. I think it will be entertaining to see to what lengths she will go to avoid work. I was thrilled that the adviser was so warm and friendly. I really liked her and would have enjoyed talking to her more. She completely understood what I was getting at without me having to say it in a very "tattling" kind of way. The pressure is really off me now that the adviser caught her in the act of playing hookie.

    I don't think I'll mention the fact that her adviser was there today. The adviser told me that she will be back next week sometime. She may tell my student teacher this and she may not. I know I'm not going to mention that either.

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