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    Collecting work
    By Lisa B

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    I do a mixture of some of the other ideas. I have a list of my kids that I use for many different things. There are two to a sheet and I make lots of copies. I never collect work until the day after I assign it. So, throughout the day I give the kids assignments to do, and whatever they don't finish is homework. In the morning, I have file folders out with a class list paperclipped to each folder and the name of the assignment on the class list at the top. When the kids come in to class in the morning, they put their assignments in the correct folder and check off their name. I also assign my kids numbers, so they hand them in in number order. That way, I can easily flip through and see if anyone is missing, since that number won't be there. Then I keep track on my white board of who is missing what. They have to come in at recess to work until their name is off the board. The only bad part about that is their recess time is my lunch time, but I have also done where they have to take their work out to recess to do.

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