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    UPDATE: You won't believe it!
    By HappyHiker

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    Oh, my gosh!!!! This could not have been more perfect!!!!

    This morning, student teacher shows up on time. Informs me that she will have to be leaving early (dead MIL two states away), and that, "If you don't mind, I'm not going to tell my adviser because we can only miss three days." She didn't give me time to respond and then went on about how they had received the call at 2:00am. But get this, they aren't going to be with the family until Sunday. She wasn't even leaving early today to go there. She was just leaving early. She has to take her Praxis tomorrow for the second or third time. I was fuming. Decided to wait until I calmed down to tell her that I was not about to cover for her.

    I gave her the outline of when she would be teaching each subject. She looked at it and said, "Oh, I'm not supposed to teach anything at all that last week." ??????? ON THE PAPER THAT I FILLED OUT FROM THE COLLEGE IT SAID SHE WAS!!! I made a mental note and decided I would be calling her adviser at lunch. Oh, she also informed me that due to the death she would not be able to teach the subject she was to take over teaching next week. At that point I was wondering if she would do ANYTHING. I didn't say another word to her all morning. She sat at her table. I taught. She played with her phone. I waited to see if she would get up, help a kid, anything. She got up and went to the bathroom once.

    Lunch time comes. She stands up, picks up her laptop, her phone which she had been using to text people all morning, walks to the door and says, "I've got to go." I said, "See ya." I take my kids to lunch, come back to my room to look for her college's phone number and the intercom chimes into my room. I was informed that I had a visitor .................. FROM HER COLLEGE!!!!!!! It was her adviser!!!!!! This could not have turned out more perfectly!!! I was just thrilled to death. She walked into my room and said, "Where's Mrs._________? Is she eating lunch?" I said, "No, she has left for the day." She was stunned. She had told her adviser in a phone call this morning that she would be there all day. I told her that she told me before 8:05 that she would be leaving early. It was evident that she had tangled herself up in a lie. I told her adviser EVERYTHING!!! It was wonderful!! I am to document everything, and I have her adviser's e-mail address now and she has mine. AND.......... she is supposed to teach that last week, IF I WANT HER TO. That came from her adviser.

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