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    My Primary Rules
    By Suzanne

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    I tell them they need to listen to me and raise their hands to speak. If they get out of their desks I make them go back and raise their hands. If they yell out an answer I ignore them. (I always thank them for raising their hands when they do get the message.

    I also tell them they need to take care of themselves and let me take care of the other students. (This helps curb tattle telling which they love to do at this age and which can get quite disruptive.)

    If they are not doing their work, I tell them they have a choice of doing it during class or during recess. This is a magic motivator! I also have kept them in for up to three minutes for such things as not being respectful to other students. I never keep anyone after school because some take busses or go to day care.

    If they claim they are not feeling well, I tell them sitting quietly will help. Last week two kids came down with what turned out to be strep, but I could tell they were hot and under the weather so sent them to the nurse. So they are not always faking!

    They can be instant friends at this age. I find myself getting a lot of hugs that make the day worthwhile.

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