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    Chose desks
    By kathyemery

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    Last year, I inherited tables, but in August we open at our new site and 4 out of the 6 1st grade teachers changed to double desks. I do a lot of modeling, etc. using my LCD projector in the front of the classroom and with tables I always felt that someone had their back to me. I also use a lot of flexible grouping throughout the day and with desks it is much easier to quickly re-arrange the room to accomodate what we are doing. Finally, my partner teacher and I (we share a work-room) went into the 2nd grade classrooms, where they use desks, and measured and found that in our room configuration there is more usable space with desks than with tables. We went with doubles because there is less movement than with singles. I was worried about the hands in the desks etc., but after observing my classes' behavior in their Spanish class over the past year (they have desks in that class with supplies inside) learn through the teaching of procedures where their hands should be, how to take out items, etc. , I believe that this can be managable. This is just my thought process as I worked out the question. Hope this helps. Your going to love 1st grade!!!

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