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    By JKB

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    Hi there! I've been teaching 3rd grade for 13 years and I have tried desks, tables, and a combination of both. Personally, I prefer desks. Besides the fact that the children have their own clearly defined space, I like the versatility of being able to configure them into pairs, trios, quads, etc. and get the same effect as a table through groups. I teach in an odd shaped room-pentagon shaped, so I have to be creative as to how I arrange my furniture in the first place. I understand how organization can be a problem-especially with assignments, etc. One thing that I use to help my children keep organized is by providing each student with a clipboard. I give my children numbers and their clipboards are numbered, too. As I pass out a written assignment, the children place them on their clipboards, until it is completed. When finished, they turn them into the assignment trays. If they run out of time, they keep it on the clipboard until they have extra time to finish it. At the end of the day, any incomplete assignments are removed from the clipboards and packed up for homework. Also, the children keep their clipboards on their desk all day long. This way, if I see that somebody has completed one assignment, but has something they need to finish, I can easily see it and tell them to use their time wisely and finish whatever is on the clipboard. Hope this is helpful!

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