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    team games
    By Mrs. G

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    I have several games that I use to review a lesson or chapter.

    1. I play something called "globe ball." I use an inflatable globe. I ask a question and throw the globe ball to a student. If they answer it correctly they can decide who to throw the ball to next. If they answer incorrectly they have to throw it back to me and I decide who gets the ball next. I always remind them to throw the ball to someone who hasn't had a chance to answer yet. They love this and don't even realize I am just asking questions and having them answer.

    2. SWAT- I use a four by four grid that I print on a transparency. I fill in the spaces with name or terms from the lesson or chapter. I place it on the overhead and shine it on my white board. I have two teams. One person from each team is given a fly swatter and stand up at the board. I ask a question and the first team to swat the correct answer wins a point and passed the swatter to the next person on the team.

    3. Team tic-tac-toe- I have two teams I ask a question to the first person on the x team first. If he get it right he puts a x on the game board that I have on the board. Then I ask a question to the first person on the o team. If she answers it right she put an o on the board. The first team to get a tic-tac-toe gets a point.

    These are just a few that we play. The kids love them.

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