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    Need Help With The Boys!!!
    By zxm123

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    I am a female teacher and I have a lot of boys in my ESL classes. Some are friendly, some are crazy, some are lazy and a few are very disrespectful. I sometimes feel a little intimidated by a few of my male students. They are bigger than me and I have to ask them to give me the toys they play with, or to stop yelling out or to begin their work. Some refuse and force me to play the "cop" in class. There are some that lie to me and make up stories to get out of detention. Some throw things the minute I turn my back. Others wrestle or play rough in class. I can't physically stop them. I know many boys get bored and tired of sitting all day but not all classes can be PE.

    I guess what I'm asking is how should I respond to boys? Should I just ignore it all the time because its whats normal with boys or should I deal with it? Safety is my concern. Every time a boy walks around my room he hits someone or says something to another. I can yell but so does their mom everyday. I don't think thats effective. I give them one hour detentions but they hardly blink. They are not intimidated by me, a short, young woman. Many of these boys have had encounters with the police. I would like some insight in what works with motivating boys to do their best or to at least show some respect. Any comments are appreciated but I would like some male perspectives.

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