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    I tie mine in to baseball
    By Gloria

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    its a 3 strikes and your out behavior chart

    I put a piece of cardboard on a string and attach it to the wall. I have it broken into 4 parts. I put a clothepin for each child on the top part. As they misbehave, I move the clothespin down. At the end of the day I use a premaid chart and put 1, 2, 3, in the slot or ab if a kid is absent or leave it blank of they were on 0.

    Here is an example below, I do it on excel

    names 8/21 8/22 8/23 8/24 8/25

    Ann 1 2

    Ben 3 ab 1

    Cal 1 2 2 ab


    of course on excel there are line in between so it is easier to read, then I keep all the copies to reference with conferences and conduct.

    It doesn't seem to look right when I posted it.

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