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    Substitute Binder
    By AddieJ

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    (Kindergarten) I put together a binder for my sub and included: 1. an explanation of our daily schedule - specifics about what we do for each thing. 2. a list of our favorite songs and I made a special CD with those songs on it (so she wouldn't have to search through all my gazillion loose CDs to find one song.) 3. a list of all the greetings, group activities, and songs we do for our morning meeting and where all the needed materials are. 4. a list of our reading and math centers, expectations, and where the materials are 5. a list of transitions & attention getters that my kids are most familiar with. 6. our behavior plan. 7. the after school happenings chart 8. list of parent names & phone numbers 9. my cell number

    Our unit of study for my sub was going to be All about animals and their needs so I put together the lesson plans I would have used and my box of props I use for that unit (including all the books we read and project ideas.) Our math and reading lessons followed the books so I just included what a typical math/reading lesson looks like and where all the materials needed are located.

    I did all this for my third baby. My first two both were born early (my first came 9 weeks early - no plans ready; with my second baby I was put on bedrest at 33 wks and she was born at 36 wks. - no plans ready then either.)
    I was determined to be more organized my third time around! and my third baby came one day after her due date! :)

    I still use the binder with all my subs - I just put the daily plans in the beginning with a note about the rest of the book (that i don't expect him/her to read all of it :) but some of the information will come in handy.)

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