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    By imalith

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    We also started PLC's this year...if you can call it that. Our principal's plan is to take it slow to get all staff on board. We currently meet in small PLC groups. Our small groups are working on common assessments and we discuss our lessons that lead up to our final common assessment.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a "pyramid of intervention". We do not have total staff buy in. And we do not have a method of collaborating across PLC's or even publish our minutes of our meetings to know what other PLC's have accomplished.

    In my PLC group and in almost each PLC group, there is at least one person that refuses to collaborate. These people happily take the work of others, but do not contribute except their negative attitudes at meeting. Our principal just tells us that it is "up to us" to bring those people along. I am a hard working, concientious teacher and when my boss tells me to do something, I do. Unfortunately, if you have a colleage that does not want to work, you cannot give them detention or call their parents. What are we supposed to do?

    I am currently very frustrated with our PLC situation. While I still have found that I enjoy collaborating with the majority of my group, that one person really can bring the group down.

    When I first learned about PLC's I was inspired and impressed. Now I know why they don't work. :(

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