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    2 Different Scales
    By TchrBlr

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    In grades K-2 students are graded:

    E- Excellent
    S- Satisfactory
    N- Unsatisfactory

    This can be very confusing because some teachers think that to get an E, all work has to be perfect.

    For grades 3-5 students are graded:

    93-100 A (7 points)
    85-92 B (7 points)
    75-84 C (9 points)
    70-74 D (4 points)
    0-69 U

    I have never understood the discrepancy in the points scale. Why is there a 5 point difference in a C or a D? Does anyone know why this may be done? Is it because C is average and therefore a student has more chance of earning an average grade? But then why is it that D only has a 4 point window? I HATE grades!

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