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    We change (6th grade)
    By Margaret916

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    And I personally love it. THere are drawbacks though.

    i get to specialize my planning. It seems more meaningful to do a huge experiment, project or something that takes lots of prep when I can do it three times! It's easier for me to plan and prep for even though my three math classes are all different levels and two separate curriculums. I get to choose math conferences or reading conferences or inservices or classes to take. I dont have to worry about the subjects I dont teach. Conferencing is tough if you don't watch becasue you only know about the subject(s) you teach.

    flexibility is gone. If I ran out of science time one day I could make it up and double up the next. With this, it's not possible. I have to teach math to three groups... I think when it comes to grades it's tough because you have to exchange to complete the grade cards. Great if you work together well as a team, tough if you have late colleagues or procrastinators. grading gets boring when you grade 85 of the same notebooks (this is my science teachers complaint).

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