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    Some of our favourite games (second grade) that haven't been mentioned yet:

    Race to 100
    Uses base 10 blocks and dice. Roll a die (or 2 dice if you also want to practice addition). Take that many ones. When you have enough ones, trade for a ten. First person to trade 10 tens for a hundred wins.

    Take 1, take 2
    All you need are 13 counters. This is a logic game. First child decides whether s/he's going to take 1 or 2 counters away. Continue, taking turns. The player who picks up the last counter wins. Encourage children to look for strategies.

    Take Ten
    Uses 2 sets of number cards from 1 to 9 (you could use more than 2 sets to make it more challenging). This is a solitaire game. Lay down 5 cards face-up on the table. Find pairs/triples that add up to ten. Take those away, leaving open spots for new cards. So if you take away 9 and 1, you can lay 2 more cards down on the table. You're always allowed to have 5 cards face-up, no more. The goal is to finish the entire deck without being left with any cards.

    100s chart bingo
    Each pair/group of children need 100s chart, counters and a paper bag with numbers 0-1 twice. Pull 2 numbers and put them together to make a 2-digit number (so 6 and 3 could be either 63 or 36). Mark that number on the 100 chart. The goal is to get 4 numbers in a row. I have my children play this game while we're learning about place value...I make them build the number with base 10 blocks before placing the counter on the chart.

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