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    I Agree
    By YHG311

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    I agree how scary it is with the lack of respect and courtesy by many students and it all starts from home.

    I had a student in class yesterday who threatened to slam me to the ground. One minute he can be the sweetest kid, the next minute he feels compelled to threaten a teacher (for some unknown reason he felt I was threatening him). I even gave him a chance to retract his statement but he's like "you heard me." Of course he said this in front of the class and every one is waiting for my reaction which will set the course for the rest of the year. I maintained my calm, called admin, he was escorted out, parents were immediately called and he was suspended for 3 days. Thankfully I have an admin that doesn't fool around with anything like that.
    BTW the student believes I told him "don't do this OR ELSE," and his mom believed him. Even if I said "or else," which I didn't, how on earth does that justify threatening to attack me? He made this statement without any remorse, and that's scary . . .

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