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    Here is what my schedule looks like:

    10:15-10:30 Meet with a reading group while students do their first choice of the Daily 5 (they make their choices in the morning when they come in-I've converted a 100 chart to my Daily 5 chart).

    10:30-10:35 I ring the chimes in this 5 minutes and everyone puts their things away (book bin or word work materials) and we meet on the carpet. I then dismiss them to their second choice.

    10:35-10:50 Meet with a reading group while students do their second Daily 5 choice.

    10:50-10:55 I ring the chime again and we meet on the carpet.

    10:55-11:10 Meet with a reading group while students do their third Daily 5 choice.

    11:10-11:15 I ring the chime again and we meet on the carpet.

    11:15-11:30 Meet with my last reading group while the students do their fourth Daily 5 choice.

    -I've managed to get ESL and Title Services to fit this schedule, so they take their groups during the 15 min., and they bring their groups back just as we are meeting on the carpet.

    -I know a teacher who doesn't have her students meet on the carpet in between each choice. She rings the chime, and her students do to their next choice on their own. I can't seem to figure out how this works, because I like to make sure I have an even number of students who chose Read to Someone, and I want to make sure that there aren't too many students who picked Listen to Reading or Word Work. For this teacher, she just lets her kids "figure it out". For me, that doesn't work. I would probably have students who argue about who is doing what.

    -Next year I'm HOPING that I can do some lessons in between choices. It doesn't work this year with Title and ESL :( I would like to do my 15 min. spelling lesson in between a rotation and my shared reading lesson in between another rotation-that's what The Sisters do. They don't do their Daily 5 rotations back to back.

    -In place of centers I do the Daily 5. My students have 4 choices a day (unless they meet with me for guided reading, have ESL, or have Title). I've just introduced Work on Writing, so starting about the middle of this coming week they will have all five choices.

    -I usually make sure each student does Read to Self or Read to Someone everyday as I think those are the two most important choices.

    -Instead of doing Read to Self before centers/small reading groups, could that be a choice during center time when you are meeting with groups?

    -I pretty much followed the book as it's written, but I did tweak it here and there. I felt some of their lessons (especially when introducing a new Daily 5 choice) covered too much in one lesson, so I broke them down into more lessons.

    Ask any other questions if you need to! I love the Daily 5!

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