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    Seven up, Stand Up
    By AussieBird

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    HEADS UP ,SEVEN UP. In Australia we call this "HEADS DOWN,THUMBS UP." It's good to play as a break between lessons or when the children come in very hot on hot days also.

    Choose seven students to be 'It'. Those students go to the front of the room. The other students put their heads on their desks so they can't see , resting elbows on desks with arms up and thumbs pointing upwards. The seven 'Its' tiptoe around the room. Each taps one of the seated students on one thumb and once tapped the child has to put his thumbs down so he cannot be tapped twice).

    The 'Its' return to the front when they have tapped one thumb. When all seven Its return to the front of the room, they say in unison, "Heads up, stand up" (ie if you were tapped .) Each student who was tapped has an opportunity to guess which student tapped him or her. If a student guesses correctly, he or she replaces the person who did the tapping; if not, that IT stays in for another round.
    The game begins again when all have had a chance to guess.

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